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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Blog!

We've run out of storage space on this blog...so we have made a new one!

Our New Family Blog 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Couch tents

It was a rare stormy afternoon, so we made some tents to stay dry while they watched a show and I cooked dinner.  :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visiting Conner Praire

We recently visited Conner Prairie. Or as Brendan has called it since we went there...Connersville - which is of course where the Day Out with Thomas was. :)

We played inside for a little while, then checked out the baby animals in the barn. Then Brendan & Katelyn surprised me and wanted to walk towards the Prairie Village. They were so excited to check out all the buildings. I know that they didn't really grasp what we were looking at, but it was still nice to see them interested in something different!

Having a snack in the old school building.
Playing checkers in a log cabin. 
The kitchen in the doctor's house - this was a big hit among both of them.  :)  Probably the play food.  ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

4 1/2!!!

Brendan is now 4 1/2. And he get's the "half" part of it too...he's so excited to be closer to turning 5, when gets Trackmaster trains. :) Yes, we're still very much into trains around here. His newest companion is "Baby Shadow Kitty" (Shadow comes out more like "Chateau"). She is a beanie baby like black cat that was Chris'. He's pretty sweet with her, feeds her, wraps her up in his blankets, and of course wants to take her just about everywhere as you can see from some recent pictures. He'll be starting Senior Preschool at Fishers UMC in a few weeks. I think that he's ready! He can write his whole name - he's not always happy to do it, but he can. Although he has this weird habit of writing one letter or even part of one letter with one hand and then switching the marker/pen to the other hand. He knows all of his letters, can sound out some simple words, and can count to 40. He's getting to be a good singer and is really fun to have in the car now...except for the occasional incessant "Why, Mommy?!" that he gets stuck in about once per week. :) No well child check at age 4 1/2, but he was seen recently for a mild ear infection/GI bug. Weight 35 pounds and height 39 inches (I think).

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mexican Party

The Barbatos hosted the Annual Mexican Party this year. 

The kids had a great time swimming

 and doing some playdough with Grace. 
 Then it was time for the pinata! 

 Aunt Suzi and Molly got Lily and Katelyn matching outfits.  They are so cute!

 Determined to get to that candy...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Indiana State Fair

Enjoying a train ride down to the Fair!

Little Hands on the Farm - a big hit again this year.  :)

Seeing the animals up close in the barn
Pony Rides!  

Katelyn hadn't stopped talking about "horseys" since we were in Brown County in May!

Brendan was in search of some trains, so we found the Lego exhibits - not quite what he had in mind, but impressive none the less!

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Seeing the big pigs and the little pigs.  :)
Some ice cream to finish off our day.